Man #3, Rescheduled

8 03 2011

I was not able to meet Man #3, No Show Man, or Wrong Entrance Man as one of my readers named him, on Monday as planned. I ended up rescheduling because of a business meeting. The pathetic thing is neither one of us is available to meet again until next Monday.  I’m hoping this is an indication that he actually has a job.  One never knows these days. 

I need to do something to speed this process.  I’m seriously considering going to a speed dating event next week.  If I can coerce one of my girlfriends to go with me, I might do it.

Stay tuned.




5 responses

9 03 2011

What’s the hurry??

9 03 2011

I will explain later today in my post.

9 03 2011
Kathy D

Okay, I’m looking forward to that post, but I also wonder what the hurry is. And count me in for speed dating, although I’m not sure about next week. I don’t have many “me” days left this month . . . and you know how I dig the alone time.

9 03 2011

The event next week is on Wednesday, March 16th and costs $29 in Belltown. It’s for single professionals ages 32 to 45.

9 03 2011
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