Now We’re Getting Somewhere

13 03 2011

After a loll in the action, where I was completely getting fed up with the time suckage involved with the online dating process, I must confess that I have two dates lined up for Monday.  Yes, two.

For Monday, I’m not trying to date both Man #3, No Show Man and Man #4, Yet to Receive His Official Rx Name, in one evening.  I don’t think I have that kind of stamina.  Rather, I have my repeat date lined up with Man #3, No Show Man in the morning to walk around the park, and I have a date lined up for 7 p.m. to have drinks with Man #4.

I’m not nervous about the morning date.  Again, No Show Man has agreed to meet me with my dog, and it’s meant to be very casual.  It seems less like a date and more like I’ll be meeting with a personal trainer.  I will be wearing tennis shoes and a t-shirt.  Not very romantic, for sure, and he comes off looking kind of cheap, but neither one of us is looking for anything serious.  If he stands me up again, I will get an hour-long cardio workout in before coming home and eliminating him on the Dating Prescription Scoreboard.

Man #4 seemed much more forward in the way he approached asking me out.  In a way, I didn’t mind.  He didn’t waste my time going back and forth and back and forth before finally saying, “Let’s go out.”  He said he is a stylist in the fashion industry though, and that makes me a little nervous.  I can put an outfit together just fine, but those fashion types can be a bit judgmental.

I’m still wondering if he’s gay.

Of course, we know how men like to embellish online.  Saying that he’s in the fashion industry could simply mean that he’s working in retail, selling shoes for all I know.  I will withhold judgment.

And finally, to really switch things up, I put an ad on Craigslist under the platonic personals.  One friend of mine uses Craigslist all the time to meet people.   She often has mixed results, but at least she’s GETTING results, which is more than I can say for my paid membership at 

In my ad, I was very straightforward about my dating intentions.  I invited men to read my blog and decide whether or not they would like to participate in my little experiment.  In just a few hours, my readership for yesterday more than quintupled, and by this morning just before 10 a.m., I have already beaten my all-time daily hit record.   I feel a little guilty in saying that I’m almost more excited about the stats on my blog than in the fact that I’m finally going to be lining up some dates. 

But now we’re talkin’!  I have several emails I need to go respond to in my MyDatingRx inbox.

Stay tuned.




9 responses

13 03 2011

Saw the cl ad. Cannot respond to them on my mobile … but would have fun blogging both sides of a date.

13 03 2011

Do you write a dating blog? Are you challenging me to a dating blog duel of sorts?

13 03 2011

A blog yes, but a general interests one … I was thinking more along the lines of me sending it to you to possibly post with it for fun. Not looking to duel in that sense, just looking to add a nice element.


13 03 2011

Sounds great. Send me a link. You can either post it here, or send it to

13 03 2011

You are inspirational dating girls everywhere!

13 03 2011
Jewish, but not a doctor

I am one of those who get kicks scanning Craigslist. I was thoroughly entertained by your blog and have subscribed. I wait with anticipation your entries and to follow your story.

13 03 2011

Thank you for subscribing.

13 03 2011

There really should be an opportunity for the gentleman to input somewhere, don’t you think? Sure, it’s your blog and we can take it or leave it, but a concept of balance and fairness is creeping in to my assessment of what you are doing and I think that for balance there should be better representation of the XY perspective.

BTW no better date prop than a dog. It’ll catch you a better class of man.

13 03 2011

Duly noted, Bob. I welcome your comments and those of your XY-bearing brethren.

At present, I don’t want to make the blog too complicated, so it is my story told from my homogametic perspective. I would like to point out, however, that by the simple act of posting my ad on CL, I have expanded my readership to the XY demographic dramatically. Prior to my ad, I had only one male subscriber, and in less than 24 hours, I not only have additional male subscribers but comments from men like yourself as well.

And, you’re right about the dog. There are many reasons to take a pit bull on a date. Only one of them is to have a bodyguard.

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