Craigslist Crap Shoot

14 03 2011

The response to my Craigslist ad was overwhelming.  Apparently, there are a lot of men just hanging out, browsing the classifieds on a Saturday night.  By early Sunday morning, I had over 30 emails in response to my Craigslist ad, and by the end of the day, my blog had almost 500 page views for the day. The page views are good considering I have only been at this little project for a little over a month.  Considering the blog stats, I’m glad there was some self-filtering going on amongst the men who responded.  My guess is that a lot of pervs probably looked at the blog and decided they didn’t want to take their online activities public. 

Because of the number of responses and limits on my time, however, I had to find additional ways to filter through the emails.  My first step was to apply the rules stated in Emails, Emails Everywhere and Not a One to Read.  I did not respond to shirtless men, men with dead animals, or men who didn’t put any effort into their responses (aka one sentence emails.)  The men who received emails back right away were those who had intelligent things to say, gave me CL safety pointers, or commented positively on my writing.

One man who I heard from within the first hour asked if I knew what I was getting myself into by posting my ad.  He asked if I realized how many penis photos I was going to receive.  Sadly, Craigslist is not the only online venue where men seem to think that emailing someone a picture of their hairy ball sack is ok.   Most paid subscription sites like have ways in which you can report someone if they do this, but free sites, like Plentyoffish and Craigslist, are open to all sorts of rudeness.  Ironically, although my cautionary gentleman may have meant well, he was the only man to even mention male genitalia in his response. Consequently, after his second email I stopped responding for fear that I may be only one email away from him exposing himself.

The only sexually explicit email I received was from a man who decided he would try to write a story of his own.  It was a fantasy story about my panties, not particularly well-told nor spell checked and included his full first and last name.  This exposed him as a true imbecile, and caused me to start considering another category for the blog called The Penis Monologues.

A couple of much appreciated, thoughtful emails I received were from a financial and statistical analyst who suggested ways in which I could change the parameters of my criteria to filter the responses and “pre-qualify” my respondents.  Gotta love those analytical, math types.  Duly noted and implemented.

Of course, as soon as I implemented Finance Man’s suggestions and started asking for more information, I got called a “prissy bitch” and a “loon.”  Nothing like a man showing his unresolved anger issues to make my job of eliminating him easier.  There are some truly toxic people out there.

Which brings me to my final observation for this post.  One thing I always find interesting is the reaction of some men when they find out that a woman is dating just for dating’s sake.  Men do this all the time, but God forbid a woman decides she doesn’t want a serious relationship.  I received some truly vicious emails from men who seemed to think that what I am doing is completely selfish and ridiculous.  Oh, and let’s not forget “loony.”  Actually, I should clarify.  I was called a loon because I have chosen to set my goal at 100 instead of “15!”  As far as I’m concerned, these guys are completely missing the point, and obviously have no idea how many dates a woman typically ends up going on before finding a quality man.  I’ll stick with my 100 and Finance Man’s pre-qualifying criteria, thank you very much.

At the end of the day, I’m just like anyone else out there dating.  I’m making this up as I go along.  I’m in no hurry to rush back into a committed relationship, but I do enjoy the occasional conversation with a man.  I believe the best relationships are those where the individuals involved have a strong, established friendship.  I don’t feel I should be hopping into bed with someone who isn’t insisting that I be in a committed, monogamous relationship with him, and that is why I posted my ad under the “strictly platonic” section on Craigslist.  By definition “platonic” refers to a love that is non-sexual.  My suggestion to the angry men sending me emails would be this.  Go find a dictionary, and then head to the “casual encounters” section of Craigslist where you belong.

The men who have expressed interest in my intellect and humor have heard from me, and I’m looking forward to my upcoming dates this week.




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15 04 2011
Man #10, Finance Man « My Dating Prescription

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29 07 2012
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30 07 2012

I don’t think many men date multiple women at the same time, which is what it seems like you are trying to do here. It also seems like you just want to be treated to a lot of nice dinners and absorb their attention without returning the favor (by means of sex).

I hope this isn’t the case, and I don’t believe it is, but the irritated men are probably justified in their outrage at a woman trying to line guys up like an interview.

30 07 2012

I’m actually not quite sure how to respond to your comment, because you seem to be saying two different things. I would agree that I think the men who have been irritated by my dating prescription are those who don’t understand that I’m looking for love just like anybody else. It’s not just about lining men up for interviews. I just haven’t met anyone I want to invite further into my life. However, I’m not sure what men think a first date is supposed to be. It’s very much like an interview. It shouldn’t be a newsflash to men that first impressions are going to be very important at a first meeting. Duh.

Also, I don’t always comment on who took whom to dinner in my posts, but I have paid for my fair share. That brings me to your comment about returning the favor for dinner with sex. I admit; it’s been a little while since I dated. Maybe things have changed, but I don’t think sharing an $11.95 pub sampler with a guy means I should fall on my back for him. If that’s a man’s expectation, he should go to the ATM, get a fist full of twenty dollar bills, and go buy himself a prostitute. He could lower his transaction costs, nobody would leave insulted, and he wouldn’t end up mystified when the woman doesn’t turn out to be a good mother for his children.

30 07 2012

Oh, sorry, yeah, I just read over what I wrote :/

I think it’s not so much the logic behind it as much as what it appears to be. It’s as if you are not giving each guy the chance he deserves, or you think too much of yourself. From reading your blog (I’m only a recent follower, btw), I know this isn’t true, but that’s what it would look like on the surface. It would be similar to a guy trying to mess around with 100 girls in his quest for his lifelong partner.

I really like your idea, and applaud you for your confidence and dedication. I’m just trying to propose reasons why some guys may take offense.

30 07 2012

I thought that might be the case. Thanks for clarifying.

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