Man #3, No Show (Me a Tape Measure) Man

14 03 2011

There is something to be said for truth in advertising.  In Man #3’s profile on Plentyoffish, he stated that he was 5′-9″. This was really one inch shorter than my typical cut-off mark of 5′-10″, which is otherwise known amongst my friends and I as “Being Tall Enough to Ride the Ride.”  I’m tall, approximately 5′-10″, and I’m not afraid to wear heels.  Since Man #3 looked cute in his profile photos and seemed nice in emails, I didn’t want to be shallow about stature, so I figured dropping my requirement by an inch would not hurt anything.

It wouldn’t be a problem unless, of course, there is a discrepancy in the reporting of that height.  There seems to be a standard deviation in height stated versus actual height by men of about two inches.  It obviously decreases as men get taller, but it is a habit that is especially prevelant among men shorter than 5′-9″ and men over 6′-7″.  Man #3 was only 5′-7″ if he was lucky.

I love wearing heels when I dress up, but height is not the primary factor here.  My soon-to-be-ex-husband was only 5′-8″ and it really was not an issue.  The problem is really a matter of honesty.  If a man is going to lie about his height, when the truth is so easily known, what else will he lie about and what is his purpose?

My date tonight, Man #4, is 6′-4″.  I’ll be wearing my heels.




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