Man #10, Finance Man

15 04 2011

I am now at 10% of my dating goal! 

Unfortunately, that’s more than I can say for my weightloss goal, but anyway. 

Wait! Now there’s an idea.  If I could lose a pound for every man I date, I would be to my ideal weight by…

…oh nevermind.

Do you remember Finance Man from Craigslist Crap Shoot, not to be confused with Man #7, The Financial Planner?  On the night that I placed my ad on Craigslist, Finance Man was the one who suggested that I implement some screening criteria to filter and “pre-qualify” my would-be dates.  I took his advice and it turned out to be extremely helpful.  I got called some nasty names for it by guys who didn’t like being screened, but, hey, that’s exactly why screening was necessary.

Well, last night I finally went on a date with Finance Man, and it was quite enjoyable.

Leading up to the date, we had exchanged some emails.  These were mostly me taking advantage of the fact that he had been a financial and statistical analyst.  My creative right-brain is not adapting very well to my first really left-brain numbers intensive MBA quarter.  Up until now, all the classes I’ve had only required that I write papers and give the occasional speech.  That’s easy for me compared to Statistics, Macro-econ, and financial and managerial accounting, so we set up the date as a date/tutoring session.

My managerial accounting professor is rather unorganized and seems to talk in circles. The material and concepts aren’t that complicated, but when you have a shitty teacher it can make things more difficult than they need to be.  I figured, as someone who used to do business valuation for a living, Finance Man would be able to help me.  It was the first date where I’ve taken my homework with me.

We met at My Divine Chocolates, which is one of my new favorite places.  They make handmade truffles, salted caramels, and other yummy goodies. I like to say that I go there occasionally as a form of “self care.” 

You might be thinking, “Well, of course she’s not losing any weight if she’s hanging out in a chocolate shop,” but I don’t go there that often, and whenever I do, I savor every bite.  These aren’t the kind of chocolates that you wolf down like a crack fiend.  You take a bite, let the chocolate roll around in your mouth, and enjoy it as the chocolate coats your tongue.  Sometimes I think I even close my eyes.

It’s a chocolate-gasm.



back to blogging. 

Anyway, since Finance Man and I would be hanging out after eating to take a look at my homework, we needed a place where we could eat as well as linger afterwards to talk about accounting.  I’ve gotten to know the owners of MDC over the past few months, and knew they would not mind if we took up table space.  They also have a ham, brie, and green apple sandwich that I love, so My Divine Chocolates seemed like the perfect spot for a date/tutoring session.

The funny thing is; Finance Man and I never talked about managerial accounting.  We had other things to talk about.  I usually try to avoid talking about the soon-to-be-ex on dates, but I will respond to questions if they come up.  It turns out Finance Man is in a social group of divorced or soon-to-be divorced people who meet and talk about topics relevant to the subject.  Very cool.

Now, the little bit of experience I’ve had with support groups, tells me that I’m not usually good with groups like this.  What usually happens is that some overly needy person will show up, dominate the group, irritate the fuck out of me, and piss me off.  I don’t want to hang out with people that make me feel WORSE, so I try to limit the time I spend in pity parties.  Finance Man said they have a very functional group, however, and it made me wish I had access to something like that.  Most of my friends are either happily single or happily married.  I don’t really have anyone I see on a regular basis who I feel would understand some of the things I’m going through as I go through the divorce process.

Besides my crazy therapist, that is.

Overall, I liked Finance Man.  He has a very unpretentious, laid back style, yet speaks with a kind of calm authority that I found attractive.  He also got to talking with the owners of My Divine Chocolates, and it’s always a good sign when a man can hit it off easily with your friends.




2 responses

16 04 2011
Kat Richter

Wolfing down chocolate like a “crack fiend” is not necessarily a sign of insufficient appreciation of said chocolate. Just sayin’ 🙂

16 04 2011

Well, that’s true, but these chocolates are $2 per piece. I try to make the experience last as long as possible.

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