Cupcakes, Calories, and Calculations

17 04 2011

One of the things I’m enjoying about my little social experiment is the expansion of my network of friends.  The New England Newcomer has been exploring the area and trying to figure out if he wants to move from Tacoma to Seattle. He was in Seattle yesterday, checking out Ballard.

It had been ages since I had been to Cupcake Royale, so I met him yesterday afternoon for a walk around the Ballard neighborhood and for cupcakes and orange cream sodas.  I realized yesterday that the New England Newcomer would be a dangerous person for me to hang out with.  He’s a foodie.

And I’m supposed to be on a diet.

I didn’t eat lunch yesterday, so I could opt for buttercream and cane sugar syrup instead.  Hello sugar rush!!

Anyway, in addition to Cupcake Royale, I had to make sure the New England Newcomer knew where to find D’Ambrosio Gelato, the Hi-Life, The Tractor Tavern, and Conor Byrne Pub.  I don’t know if you would call our afternoon a date.  If it was, it was more like a “When Harry Met Sally” kind of date, just two friends, hanging out, walking around and talking.  There’s not really a spark there, but he’s a really nice guy. 

Yes, he’s in the friend zone.

I think my statistics class is getting to me.  I was thinking yesterday that I should create a data table of wins, losses, and no decisions for each man I date.  Wins could receive one point, no decisions would get a .5, and losses, 0.  Maybe friend dates like the one I had yesterday would be ruled as no decision dates.  They should count for something though.  I’m not sure what my data table would tell me yet, but I think the mathematical picture might help me in some way.  I’m also very dissatisfied with the current state of my Dating Prescription Scoreboard and don’t trust its accuracy without more detailed analysis.

I also think my inner geek is emerging.

God help me.




4 responses

17 04 2011
Surrey gal

My ex’s answer to EVERYTHING was – put it in Excel 🙂

17 04 2011

Great. I’ve reminded you of your ex. That’s wonderful.

We have a software package for our stats class called Minitab. I’ll probably use that, and then import it into Excel later if I need to.

21 06 2011

I’m still back to my earlier comment on this one as well. Your blog is entitled …to date 100 men without getting serious with anyone. What do these numbers really mean? Your doctor ordered you to not get serious with any of these first 100. How can I patiently wait on the sidelines on number 101 to come around if you are looking at all of these first 100 as potential serious mates? Besides as a math major in college I can assure you that the numbers won’t make a lot of sense until you’re over halfway to your collection point, so don’t worry about your numbers or their statistics until about 51 or so… 🙂 Enjoy your day!

21 06 2011

I really don’t understand your comment. What part of this post makes it seem like I’m getting serious, or that I was considering The New England Newcomer as a serious mate? Are you of the camp that men and women can’t be friends?

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