Man #12, The Stagehand

22 04 2011

I have to say that I almost gave up this crazy notion of dating 100 men after the events of the past few days, but everyone’s comments were encouraging, buoyed my spirits, and reminded me that I am on a journey, a journey to discover what I really want out of a relationship and, post marriage, out of life in general.  There are bound to be some bumps in the road.  So, although I was still feeling down about how things had gone with The Blues Man, I had to pick myself up, dust myself off, put on my makeup, fix my hair, and find something cute to wear for my date with Man #12.

I had actually been looking forward to this date for over a week.  Man #12 was another Craigslist date.  Now, I have to say that for all of the horrible things I’ve heard about Craigslist, after I sifted through all the pervs, my initial ad provided an ample backlog of men from which to draw.  Man #12 had responded to my ad back on March 13, and we were finally going out a month later.

I simply needed to pace myself.  There are only so many dates a girl can go on in a week, and between dating, blogging, dating, blogging, and dating and blogging, two to three dates per week seem to be about my limit.

Man #12 had sparked my interest because he sent me a video of himself and a bunch of kids making fake blood and pretending to slaughter each other.  It was from Halloween, which, if I have to pick, is probably my favorite holiday.  Last year I dressed up as Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill, complete with sword and fake blood.   So you see, he looked like a fun guy to me.

And, I needed fun after feeling shitty for the past few days.

He suggested that we go see “Secret in the Wings,” which is being performed at the University of Washington at the Meany Studio Theater through May 1st.  I highly recommend it.  The show description is as follows:

“Remember the dark side of fairy tales? Combined in fragments, lesser-known European fairy tales take us on a journey fraught with primeval fears and desires. A frightened little girl pleads with her callous parents not to leave her at home with the neighbor next door. “He’s got a tail!” she exclaims. This “Ogre” and storyteller becomes her guide and ours, distracting us with tales marvelous and cruel, pausing only to pose the question “Will you marry me?” With striking imagery and a contemporary, comic edge, stories flow together to create a vivid fantasy world inspiring fear, wonder, and at last a strange catharsis.”

Secret in the Wings was awesome, and I needed a few dark fairy tales to brighten my mood.

Man #12 and I were supposed to meet at The Pita Pit for a quick bite to eat before the show, but it turned out it was closed.  Luckily, the Aladdin Gyrocery is not far from the location of the old Pita Pit, so I suggested we go there instead.  Now, the Gyrocery is not the cleanest place in the world, but I love their gyros, and I’ve never been hit with a case of food poisoning from eating their food.  However, here’s a note to future dates.  Big, sloppy, tzatziki-covered gyros with red onions are probably NOT the best food if a) you are trying to impress someone with your table manners or b) you want a kiss after your date.  Regardless of the fact that both you and your date will have ingested red onions, they create a funk in your mouth that lingers and is hard to mentally get past.

I’m not saying this because I thought my date had bad breath, mind you.  I actually found myself thinking half way through the date that I could never kiss someone with the way my mouth tasted after that gyro.  It was more of a self-conscious thing, really. 

Note to self: Place emergency breath mints in purse for future use.

I messed up by forgetting that the Gyrocery only accepts cash and I had spent mine on a book of bus tickets for my son. Since The Stagehand had purchased the tickets for the show, I was going to get the gyros, but I ended up feeling like a schmuck as I fiddled around in my wallet looking for a twenty. 

The only right thing to do was to invite him to go have a post-show beer at Schultzy’s where I could use my debit card.  We actually had 8 beers!  We got two beer samplers of 4 – 5 ounce beers each, and I told him we could share as long as he kept his first date backwash in check. 

It worked out fine.  Sharing the opposites sides of the same beer glass was as close as we got to kissing.

We laughed a lot.  He especially laughed when I did my re-enactment of Anne-Marie Johnson’s character, “Cherry,” from “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.”  Don’t ask how we got on that subject.  Favorite comedy movie scenes, I guess.  That’s the first one that always come to mind for me.

Anyway, it was a nice date; we had a great time, but no major sparks.  There was a second there where I considered kissing him, but I was deterred by red onions.  I gave him a hug instead.  It’s probably for the best anyway.  He’s a really nice guy who would be fun to hang out with, but I think he would end up in the friend zone.




10 responses

22 04 2011

Another bad choice-ordering really spicy thai food that makes your sinuses run and your nose turn red-especially on a first date.

22 04 2011

Oh yeah, not good. Duly noted.

23 04 2011
Surrey gal

Next is number 13. Will it be a lucky one???

23 04 2011

He didn’t GET lucky, if that’s what you mean. 🙂

24 04 2011
Surrey gal

Ha ha ha, I didn’t think about it, but now that you mentioned… 😀

23 04 2011
The Single Girl

I just started reading your blog, love it! And I admire you’re determination, can’t wait to read about the next couple dates 🙂

23 04 2011

Thanks! And, thanks for subscribing.

23 04 2011

Sounds like a terrific play to sit and enjoy. Ummm… and of course us nice guys always …LOL…end up in the friendzone!! Thank you for being so entertaining and fun…now i’m gonna have to go out and… purchase or steal… I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. Thanks again… i totally enjoy your reads.

23 04 2011

Tried to respond to your other message, but was not able to complete the form.

23 04 2011

Thanks, Gino. The menstrual cramp scene in that movie is pretty funny too. I actually re-enacted that one for date #12 too. 🙂

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