Happy Birthday to Me!

26 04 2011

I celebrated my 39th birthday for the fifth time yesterday.  Overall, I had a pretty good day.  Here’s a little recap.

First of all, those bitches over at OkCupid.com sent me an email early in the morning, wishing my a “Happy 43rd Birthday!”   Yeah, they did.  That’s what the subject line read.  The body of the email said:

“Still single?  Come check out your matches and find the men who want to meet you on your birthday!”

Yeah, right.  This was simply a thinly veiled attempt to make me feel shitty about being in my 40s and single again.  Like I’m going to go to their website and waste my whole morning clicking around looking for a birthday date.  Not gonna work on me, assholes!  Nope.  I certainly wouldn’t want to fuck up my own birthday by going on a first date.  Major holidays and special events are for friends and family.  Thank you very much.

OkCupid.com was actually the online dating site that I had decided to sidestep back in February.  When I had started to set up a profile, my computer was so inundated with ads and pop-ups, I couldn’t even search their site.  I had never even set up a profile, and I was still getting spam from them.  No Ok birthday email, OkCupid.  Ok, junk mail.

The only good thing that came out of the OkCupid email, and I’m not even sure you can call this a good thing, was that it reminded me that I needed to go to my Match.com and Plentyoffish.com profiles and add an extra year to the ages of the men in my search parameters. 


My search now extends to men in their mid-50s.  I’m not really sure I’m ready to go there.  I don’t even have crow’s feet yet. (I inherited my grandmother’s good skin.  The moist Seattle weather helps too.)  I may have to re-examine how I feel about being a cougar.  Maybe for every year I add to the upper age limit, I could add one year to the lower age limit.  I think that’s the strategy I’ve seen some men using.  I don’t know.  Nothing like a fucking online dating profile to make you feel old!

But anyway, around mid-afternoon, my eldest son brought me flowers and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Everything but the…, my second favorite flavor.  He no longer lives at home, and I don’t get to see him as often anymore as I would like, so it was nice to hang out for a while before I had him drive me downtown to my birthday celebration location.  (I think after hauling your children around to soccer practices, Little League games, and cello lessons, the least they can do when they grow up is chauffeur you to drinking establishments and then take the car away so you can’t drive home.)  My son and I had a rather loose plan that perhaps I would call him when I was ready to go home, but I had $2 in my wallet just in case I needed to hop on the bus.

After my blue post last week, my girlfriends had rallied and thrown together a quick birthday Happy Hour invitation.  We met at Boka and the drinks started flowing around four.   I got started with a smokey martini, but then moved on to some of the other vodka-based concoctions that Boka had on their menu.  Their Roman Holiday cocktail is good, but I think the smokey martini was the best of the lot.  The scotch in it makes it flow down to your belly, swirl around, and make everything feel warm.

My girlfriends and I had a great time, doing what women do when we get together…talking and laughing.  We talked about some issues I was having with a past date who was trying to be too controlling.  I will write more about this in my next post, but basically, my girlfriends and I agreed that he needed to be cut off cleaning and swiftly!  NEXT!  We talked about my blog, and, of course, that led to my other friends telling their online dating horror stories. (I’ve invited one of my friends to guest blog about what has to be the most outrageous online dating story I have ever heard.  If she doesn’t eventually write it, I may need to.)  We also talked about sex, deal breakers, teenagers, upcoming events, and trips we want to take with each other in the near future.

My son had gone to dinner with his girlfriend, so I used my $2 and caught the bus.  As I was riding home, I felt a deep sense of contentment.  Like all of the good holidays and parties in the months since my husband left, I was reminded of that saying, “Men are like buses. A new one will come along every 10 minutes,” …

…but your girlfriends will be there for you when you need them.





5 responses

27 04 2011

Hey now, OKcupid is my favorite hunting ground. Of course, I’ve been on there for years at this point, and I’m still single. Hmm….

27 04 2011

You go on ahead with that strategy…if it’s working for you. 🙂

28 04 2011
Surrey gal

Happy Birthday!!!
Men are like many things, buses, shoes, dogs… they are everything but men! 🙂

28 04 2011

Ouch! It seems true sometimes though. Sometimes I wonder, what is it they add to our lives exactly? Do they take away more than give? Still trying to figure that out.

29 06 2012
Ok, I’ll Try OkCupid « My Dating Prescription

[…] to create a profile on OkCupid, they apparently had enough information about me to send a birthday message last year, which, although I was pissed to get a notice that I was a year older, served as a […]

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