In Need of Cute Profile Photos

2 05 2011

Photo courtesy of Luce Bella Photography

Back in February, when I finally decided to jump into the online dating pool, I wasn’t really prepared. As I was setting up my online profile, I realized that I really didn’t have any cute profile photos I could use.  As a mom, I have typically ended up behind the camera, and I’m not one of those people who is constantly snapping photos of myself with my cell phone.  As I searched my computer files, trying to figure out where to get cool profile photos, I realized I just didn’t have any.  Before my marriage I had tons of photos that would have worked as a fun profile photo, but searching through my files, I realized that this again was an area of my life that had somehow dwindled away during my marriage.

I’m still somewhat baffled as to how this happened.

Actually, I know what part of the problem was.  Most of the photos I had, which showed my face and worked well as a fun profile photos, also had my STB-ex in them.  If I wanted to use them on or, I would need to cut him out of them.  Now, I don’t know about you, but personally, I have always thought that profile photos featuring someone who was obviously cropped out seem a little tacky, and I didn’t want a photo like that in my online dating profile.

So the problem still remained.  Where to get cool profile photos?

In the interim, I chose two photos of myself, and one of my dog.  Neither of my photos showed my current hair color, which I had recently decided to dye auburn as part of my re-launch.  The only profile photo with which I was really happy was the one of my dog.

Those photos would have to do for now.  I didn’t want to have a profile without a photo.  You don’t get any attention that way, and in order to fulfill the 6 month guarantee requirements at, you have to have a profile photo visible.

So, I started asking around, trying to figure out where to get a cool profile photo.  Some friends of mine took a few of those cell phone portraits, but usually these were taken while we were out at a club somewhere, and I usually ended up with a drink in front of my face.  Not really what I was going for.

In the meantime, I also felt my LinkedIn profile photo needed to be updated, so rather than settle on a profile photo from a night out of partying, I decided I would search for a professional photographer who could take some cute profile photos that I could use on my blog, on my online dating profiles, and on my LinkedIn profile.

At long last, a friend of mine sent me the information for a friend of hers who is a photographer.  She told me that she had taken some fun profile photos of her, and that men had complimented her for looking in real life just as she did in her online profile. (That’s always a plus.)  So, I am so excited, because next Monday, I will be meeting Shari, of Luce Bella Photography and doing a photoshoot to fulfill my online profile photo needs!  Yey!!  I can’t wait.  I’m so tired of the photos I have, and Shari is fun and creative, and I love the ideas she has so far.

I have a couple of outfits picked out, but I haven’t chosen a third and it will be largely based on which shoes I wear.  I need help.  Please vote on one pair of shoes from the shoes below.  (By the way, these photos are NOT from Luce Bella Photography. They were taken by yours truly.) 

The Spring Wedge

The Super High Come F$*& Me Pump

The Barely There Strappy Sandal

The Pink Python Sandal


Thanks for your help!




13 responses

2 05 2011
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2 05 2011

Ok, I’m just going to come out and say it: who’s voting for what? As a guy, I voted for what I thought would look sexiest, but still be reasonably normal, too. Since you ARE trying to appeal to guys, perhaps my thoughts can help?

I personally hate wedges. So that’s off the list. While the blue pump looks like it could be nice, I’m just not feeling it tonight. I like the barely there sandal, but that’s almost perfect for a sundress photo – you could always do one of those. I liked the pink sandal because it was different, sexy but not over the top, and I think you could wear nice jeans, a dress, whatever and it would look cute.

And yes, just for the record, I notice and prefer some shoes over others, depending on the person and outfit. You should definitely go with whatever makes YOU feel most confident/happy/sexy/attractive, though.

3 05 2011

To be quite honest, the pink sandals are my favorite. All of them are nice, but those have all of the qualities you mentioned.

3 05 2011
Surrey gal

I’m called a shoe queen by my female friends and I’m pleased that my taste in shoes is similar to the one expressed by the male representative here, Zak 🙂
I also hate wedges, they do nothing to your legs. Blue ones are too formal.
I like black ones and pink ones. Depending on what you will wear, I think both of those will look sexy and fun. Good luck with your photo session!

3 05 2011

Thanks Surrey gal! I’m actually a little surprised that the FM pumps are currently in the lead. I still have veto power when it’s all said and done, so we’ll see how this comes out in the end.

3 05 2011

My vote’s for the blue f*ck me pumps. Yeah, guess who hasn’t been laid for a while.

3 05 2011

I would let you borrow them but my feet are WAY bigger than yours.

4 05 2011

I like the pink! Sexy and brings attention to your gorgeous legs!

Hmmm, are wedgies back in? They were big in the 70s.. Never owned a pair…. those spikey heels an old flame told me once “make yer legs look good from the knee down.”

Waiting to see the outcome and the pics!

7 05 2011

*tap tap tap*

7 05 2011

OMG, so impatient. I’ve been working on statistics and accounting homework. I’ve got a post in the pipeline, don’t worry.

7 05 2011


8 05 2011
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29 05 2011
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