I Have Not Abandoned My Blog

21 05 2011

I apologize for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. I had a second date with the Scorekeeper (my Accounts Payable is now at a 0 balance) and a date with Man #16 over a week ago. I’ve just been too busy with lineal regression models, the central limit theorem and P-Values, Activity Based Costing, bond pricing and effective interest method, assessing my best alternative to a negotiated agreement, and evaluating macroeconomic indicators to assess foreign investment.

Did that make your head hurt?

Mine too.

Did I ever mention that I’m a VISUAL learner and mostly right-brained?  The quarter will be finished in mid-June. 

My goal is to post a real post this week.  Don’t let me forget to tell you about my photo shoot.  The photos are ready.  I still need to tell you about Man #16. And, I think my second date with the Scorekeeper requires a little explaining.  I will write again soon. I promise.




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22 05 2011
Surrey gal

Get writing, come on!!! We’re waiting!

22 05 2011

I need to just dedicate a half an hour each day. Things have been too stressful lately.

22 05 2011

I try to set aside some time every day, but I also tend to write ideas and outlines down for future posts (especially since I try to post every day), but then I fill them in as I’m inspired, as they happen (for instance, if I outline a future date and fill in after it’s happened), or when needed.

Just some suggestions, if you can call them that.

22 05 2011

My head a-splode! Wow, those were terms I don’t understand, and I thought I knew everything as an engineer. Jeez!

22 05 2011

Business school, my friend, business school. I’m working on my MBA. Thanks for the pointers on dedicating time to writing.

23 05 2011
Struggling Dad

Hey, this is fun stuff! OK, well mostly fun. The equations in regression models and other parts of statistics look impressively complex but aren’t really that bad. It’s mostly some rote memorization and figuring out how to apply which of the different tests to the data.

I was lucky; my econometrics professor back in Australia was the Coolest Guy In The World. One eye. Lots of brains. Huge sense of humor.

23 05 2011

Actually, my stats professor is the best professor I have this quarter, really excited about this stuff, funny, tries to make it interesting. His enthusiasm is almost infectious. Almost. The problem is that I have a rather right-brainy, draw and color, design brain. My math brain is out of practice.

3 06 2011

P-Values are hott!

3 06 2011

🙂 I was actually thinking that I could date a statistician or an economist. Geeky with ample amounts of real-world application to be fun. Just so long as I don’t have to do the math!

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