Your or ore You’re?

27 05 2011

I have almost gotten to the point where I don’t respond to emails from men on Plentyoffish. Here’s the latest…

“how r u today my lady? you sure do have pretty looking toes… I was wondering if you would be interested in chatting? I see your and educated woman and have a couple different careers that your pursuing. Well if your intrigued at all we can chat later on just let me know..”

Tell me.  Do men honestly expect women to respond to this kind of email?  I’m convinced that there are no literate men on Plentyoffish.  It’s free to join, and you obviously get what you pay for.  I love the “I see your and educated woman” part.  That really made me laugh.

An educated woman needs an educated man.  I won’t be responding to this email.




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27 05 2011
Struggling Dad

I’m constantly amazed at how dumb these guys are. And I’m a guy; apparently one of this group of bozos.

Not only does his spelling, punctuation, and grammar need work, is it really the smart move to creep someone out with a comment like “…you sure do have pretty looking toes”?

As I am getting used to saying these on a few blogs. Regarding this guy: Run for the hills!

27 05 2011

Yes, my toes will be headed in the opposite direction!

28 05 2011

How funny! I’ll stay away from plentyoffish then! Have you found any good local dating sites?

28 05 2011

I don’t know. Define


I’ve had a lot of success on Craigslist, but in terms of filtering, I think is still the best.


28 05 2011

Have you had any luck on Plenty Of Fish? I am struggling to find people local to me and wondered whether you had, had the same trouble?

28 05 2011

I’ve been keeping track of where the dates come from on the scoreboard page. I haven’t had many from PoF. I haven’t had trouble finding men in Seattle. I’ve just had trouble finding men in Seattle who can spell and use punctuation.

28 05 2011
The Single Girl

Oh dear…how do you keep going back? You’re brave.

28 05 2011

Morbid curiosity.

29 05 2011
Surrey gal

I had one who asked me if I have a posh accent because I live in a posh area. He seemed extremely primitive. I won’t be meeting him even though I’m not overly posh.

29 05 2011

Men say the most random things.

18 06 2011
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29 06 2012
Ok, I’ll Try OkCupid « My Dating Prescription

[…] that I have come to believe that there are no literate men on Plentyoffish.  You may recall the creepy, poorly worded email I received last year.  Sadly, this email is representative of most of the messages I have […]

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