Weight Loss Weigh-in Wednesday #2

22 06 2011

Well, it seems the scale does not want to cooperate with my efforts this week. I was 247 when I weighed in this morning.  When I went to see Zach, my personal trainer at Experience Fitness, I asked him if he would also take my fat percentage measurement again.  My fat percentage was also up slightly at 40.2%.

This sucks. It used to be so easy for me to lose weight. Now my 43-year-old metabolism is definitely showing.

Zach spent a good deal of time today encouraging me to not concentrate on the numbers, but rather, to focus on how much stronger I’m getting, how my cardiovascular endurance is increasing, how my balance is improving, and how I’m feeling overall.  He said it is very common for a person’s weight to go up initially and the important part is to not get discouraged.  He also pointed out that a two pound weight gain is rather insignificant.  It could be due to a whole host of factors related to the regular fluctuations in a person’s fluid levels. 

In other words, I might just be bloated.

Anyway, I’m going to keep my spirits up.  In the meantime, I’m going to pay more attention to the diet part of this equation.  This also means that I need to rethink my dates.  My nutritionist told me I could have one glass of wine per week.  That means that if a date wants to go out for drinks I will need to nurse my one drink through the whole thing.  I’ll also need to try to steer dates toward more non-food related activities. This may actually end up being a good thing, and maybe it will result in more creative date ideas.

Besides, there are only so many Happy Hours a girl can go to before it starts to become a little dull.




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22 06 2011
Struggling Dad

I’ve been weighing myself fairly regularly since buying some new scales on a trip to Ocean City. (My runaway wife took the other ones to her new apartment.)

First, the fat percentage is, well, bullshit. Seriously, I have been doing this for 6 weeks or more now and the number varies so widely it simply cannot be useful.

Second, for me, I get up, I pee, I weigh myself using the memory thing, so I can compare day-to-day. Sometimes I also weigh myself during the day or before I go to bed. It’s not uncommon to be 0.5 – 2.0 lb lighter in the morning. My guess is it’s a combination of breathing out water overnight, perspiring in your sleep overnight (gorss but normal), and peeing before you step on the scales.

This means that, if you are getting weighed in the middle of the day, all the food you ate and, particularly, all the water you drank is resulting in fluctuations.

The real tale is in the tape and the fit of your clothes if you’re exercising hard (which adds muscle as you lose fat). I’ve dropped a size since my wife left.

23 06 2011

Congratulations, SD on dropping a size. I need to drop about three sizes to get back to a normal weight. I have to remember that this isn’t Biggest Loser and I’m not going to be seeing huge weight losses week to week. Thanks for your encouragement.

22 06 2011

I’ve spent a lot of time dating and trying to keep weight off. If you meet somewhere and drinks are involved. Just order a Club Soda with a twist of lime. It still comes in a nice short glass with lots of ice and tiny straws and looks like it could easily have vodka in it, but it’s calorie free and you can have as many as you want…and you won’t need a taxi ride home! 🙂

23 06 2011

That’s a really good tip, and one that I have used in the past. Thanks for the reminder to use it again.

23 06 2011

Hey! Everyone has a bump in the road once in a while. If it was easy, everyone would be doing what you’re doing. Just keep at it.

23 06 2011

Thanks, Micah.

23 06 2011
Tattoos, love and lunacy...

I agree the best judge of weight loss is clothing fit. My weight also will vary about 2 pounds from morning to evening so don’t fret over just 2 pounds. In terms of food, try to eat everything organic and unprocessed. When I go out I’ll drink Van Gogh chocolate Vodka with club soda. The vodka is organic and naturally flavored and only 60 calories!

23 06 2011

OMG, chocolate vodka and only 60 calories? Why haven’t I heard of this before? Thank you, thank you, Tattoos!!

23 06 2011
Surrey gal

I noticed that I’m balooning out almost every day recently! And I don’t know why, I don’t eat more, I actually excercise more… I always had flat tummy now my children are asking me if I’m pregnant.
My mother tells me it’s old age fat. But really???
But then, it was easy for me to lose weight too, not it’s not….

1 07 2011
Man #18, The Burner « My Dating Prescription

[…] weighing in on Weight Loss Weigh-in Wednesday #2 and swearing to the one drink a week rule, I had met Man #18 for drinks at The Scarlet […]

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