Weight Loss Weigh-in Wednesday #3

29 06 2011

Can I just say it? I was kicking ASS at the gym today! 

I’m definitely getting stronger.  I watched as my personal trainer, Zach, set the tricep pulldowns on 75 pounds.

“That looks heavy,” I said.

“That’s because you’re strong.”

Hell yeah!  I knocked them out, three sets, no problem.  I figure my legs are strong because they’ve been hauling my big ass around, but the amount of upper body strength that I have is a little surprising.

Then I think about it.  It’s Thor.  There’s nothing like playing tug-o-war with a pit bull to give you a strong back and arms.

Then, down on the mat, Zach had me do Dead Bugs.  They’re this abdominal exercise where your arms and legs are moving forward and back at the same time, like a dying bug.

“Have you noticed anything about these?” Zach asked.

“No, what?”

“When we first started doing these, you kept your legs really bent.  Now, your legs are almost straight.”

“They’re getting easier.”

It’s sort of funny. Between sets, I’m always telling Zach stories.  (It’s what I do. I can’t help it.)  It definitely makes the workout go by faster.  I think he can tell when he’s hit the right weight for me though, because when the exercise is challenging, I have to shut up, concentrate, and breathe.

This week was a good week. Even though my allergies have been kicking my ass for the past four days, causing me to be short of breath, I’m feeling a lot stronger.  I’m also starting to see indentations and curves happening in my arms where my biceps and triceps are supposed to be.  I’m still fat, but at least my fat is starting to take shape.

And guess what else happened? I got rid of those two pounds from last week. I’m at 245.




6 responses

29 06 2011
Struggling Dad

Excellent progress! You’re putting on muscle (in the right places), gaining strength, gaining fitness, AND losing weight. Smoking!

29 06 2011

Smoking in a good way. 🙂 No smoking. I’m drinking less, and I’ve quit drinking coffee everyday.

29 06 2011

You’re really brave to post this for all the world to see.

29 06 2011

Ah, fuck’em!

29 06 2011

Anybody who wants to judge better make sure they look in the mirror long and hard first.

30 06 2011
Surrey gal

Well done you!!!
In my gym there is a girl, much heavier than you. Much. I see her often with a personal trainer. She is doing so well, I CAN SEE her getting slimmer and better toned.
I want to see a photo of you in two months!
My legs are strong and I like to excercise them. I always had nice legs so now I’m working on getting them back. Plus the cellulite, nothing gets rid of it but excercise. But my arms are very weak and I don’t like working on them. I guess I should, reading your post… it does work 😉

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