Weight Loss Weigh-in Wednesday #7

3 08 2011

I lost a pound this week.  242.  Woo hoo! Celebrate my little success with me, please.  A round of meal replacement shakes for everyone!! 


This is slow going. There’s no “Biggest Loser” excitement here, no gimmicks, no 12 pound per week losses, but I am sticking with it, getting stronger and staying focused.  You should see my biceps. Arm wrestling anyone?

I don’t think I would feel right now if I didn’t get my workouts in during the week.  Zach and the staff at Experience Fitness have definitely become part of my routine.

I also had a blogging first this week.

On Monday, when I was at Experience Fitness for my personal training session, I was standing at the front counter after my workout, filling out my cardio log, and talking to Zach.  A young woman approached me from the side, and hesitantly said, “Oh, my god, are you the blogger?”


“I found your blog through the gym’s website, and it is so good.  I’m supposed to be working and I’m reading your blog instead. It’s so good.  You’re famous.”

She was sort of gushing and I was sort of blushing. 

“Thank you,” I said smiling.  My friends have told me they enjoy my writing and I’ve had comments here on the blog, but this was the first time a complete stranger approached me and told me they were enjoying my stories.  It was pretty flattering, although it totally caught me off-guard.

The woman introduced herself and we spoke briefly about the blog.  She said she recalled from the blog that I was working out in the mornings with Zach, but she seemed surprised to actually see me there.  It was really cool to feel the energy of someone who was so enthusiastic about my writing.  Zach briefly got caught up in the dialogue too.

“Zach is going to be famous too,” I said, trying to divert some of the attention away from myself, “you know, he and Thor are the only individuals where I use their real names.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Zach said as he was walking away.  I think he was blushing too.  (I had asked him when we started training for permission to use his real name. So, don’t worry; he knows he’s part of a blog.)

As I walked home I wondered if I had seemed friendly and open.  I hoped so.  You never know how your responses will sound to a stranger when you’re caught off guard like that.  Then I started thinking, most of the time I’m so sarcastic in this blog, why would anyone expect me to be nice???

But, I AM nice.  I really am.  And, I hope I’m perceived that way (at least most of the time.)

Coming soon:  Apricots and Misdemeanors, and Man #19, Thor’s Buddy.

Also, My Dating Prescription now has its own Facebook page.  Go LIKE it, please, and share it with your friends.




5 responses

4 08 2011
Byron MacLymont

That’s neat that someone recognized you and approached you about it – especially because you weren’t standing over her shoulder while she read, staring at her – wide-eyed and smiling – waiting for a compliment. Away from the reading she talked to you. Suggests it really is meaningful for her.

When I was a stand-up comic I got approached a couple of times and it really is jarring. You don’t want to pretend “Yes, I’m extremely famous” but it’s also so, I don’t know, alien…

Although, one time I got to skip a looooong line at the airport because the woman working recognized me. I figured that’s about as good as it gets.

And congratulations on the pound.

4 08 2011

Jarring is a good way to describe the experience. Plus, I’m really sort of an introvert. I don’t know if you’ve gathered this, but I’d really rather be home with my dog than dating. So, to have someone approach and tell me I’m famous was a bit JARRING. I just hope I seemed gracious.

5 08 2011

That was pretty cool to meet someone whose been reading your blog and recognized you.

Also, congratulations on your weight loss!


8 08 2011

Sorry for posting so late, I was busy, then out of town for a while.
I was thinking afterwards that I rushed into you like… out of nowhere:) Being an extravert I sometimes tend to overwhelm people and that’s something I am working on, but then again I am not sorry, I really think you are doing a great job!

8 08 2011

Thanks, I jarr! It’s not a problem at all. I really enjoyed meeting you. It just caught me completely off guard. It’s still a surprise to find out that someone is actually reading what I write. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

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