Still Here, Still Dating

19 09 2011

Hello Readers,

You may have noticed that I haven’t written anything in over two weeks. I apologize for my absence and my inconsistency. Life is getting in the way of my storytelling. My MBA program is starting up again this week, and, of course, professors always want to get classes off to a good start by assigning work that is due on the day BEFORE classes begin. (How do they even get away with this!)

I’m also in the process of studying for my securities licensing exams. Is that investment taxed as ordinary income or as short or long-term capital gains? NAV, POP, TSA, SIPC, FDIC, SAR, IRA, FRB, FINRA,…WTF?  Wish me luck.

Somehow, with everything else going on, I continue to make it to the gym for my workouts. Zach is yet again switching up my workouts to shock my body out of its comfort zone.  He continues to torture me with the body ball.  (The gym is actually running a 40% off promotion on personal training  for anyone interested.)  AND, I can vouch for Zach; he’s awesome (even though he keeps torturing me with that DAMN ball.)

Finally, I’m sure the real question is whether or not I’m dating.  The answer is yes.  I will write about my date with Man #21 soon, and, I promise, you will all have a good laugh at my expense.  Let’s just say that dating sucks.

Tonight, I am enjoying a nice Cabernet Sauvignon while writing papers for my MBA classes.  I don’t know if stream of consciousness and creative writing works for business classes, but we’ll find out! The Cab is from Terra Blanca in Benton City, a stop my son and I made along our route from our last trip to the Tri-Cities.  It was my 22-year-old son’s first wine tasting, and we had a really good time.  Cabernet is NOT what the doctor ordered and NOT part of my prescription, but a girl needs some sort of relief from the horrors of dating.

I anticipate being single for the rest of my life.


Photo here.




10 responses

19 09 2011
Struggling Dad

My three girls have a lot of experience with one of the financial terms you mention. They often use “WTF?” with me, so they can be a great source for any essay on this topic.

What’s nice is that you’re able to continue the see the funny side of dating, and we look forward to #21. For that reason, you won’t be single forever.

No at all. After you’ve murdered Zak using his *own* body ball, they’ll put you in a nice jail somewhere and, like many inmates, some penpal will marry you. So, as I say, all will end well. 🙂

Note: Have you thought the ‘100’ thing through? Aren’t you going to have a whole bunch of guys wanting to be #100? (Or is it #101 that you can treat as a serious prospect — this kind of math will keep your mind busy.) Sign me up for a raffle ticket to be #100 (#101) … 🙂

19 09 2011

WTF is the financial term used whenever someone stands up and starts talking out about U.S. fiscal policy. Here’s another one for you. WABODA (What a bunch of dumb asses!)

I have to keep a sense of humor about dating. Real life is WAY more interesting than fiction. Really, I can’t make this shit up.

You may be right about my future. The stress of dating will drive me to the brink, Zach will take the brunt of it, and a penpal will marry me…

…doesn’t sound like a very happy ending.

Regarding Man #100, you might want to review my recent comment to Living the Dream under Jai Ganesh. I’ve pretty much decided that my therapist is certifiable, and if I decide to stop taking my “medication” there’s nothing he can do to stop me.

So there!

21 09 2011
Struggling Dad

Hi! I live in the right area to be ready to agree with you about WABODA; this is the heart of the US Government after all.

And, yes, I agree that sometimes real life is more interesting than fiction. I love writing, but if I typed up some of the things that have happened to me, people would tell me to stop writing wholly unrealistic fiction!

Hmmm…I went back to the Jai Danesh post. I didn’t respond to it because I don’t normally comment on any female blogger’s reference to enjoying sex. Virtually anything I could add might be intrusive (yes, I know it’s public, but still) or dangerous (one lame joke and I’d be in big trouble!).

As I didn’t respond to it, I didn’t see the follow-up comments. For what it’s worth, *I* think your therapist is a ninny to suggest 100 dates. 10, yes. 20, maybe. Long before you get anywhere near 100, you’re not testing the dating waters and (re-)learning how to date, you’re dating — successfully or not.

So I guess that means there’ll be no big raffle/contest for the coveted #100 / #101 slot. Darn.

24 09 2011

It’s a process. I don’t think I’m egotistical enough to offer raffle tickets.

20 09 2011
Kat Richter

Who needs a boyfriend when you can go wine tasting with your son? 🙂 (And no, that’s not meant to be some sort of freaky Oedipal reference but it sounds like you’ve got more than enough on your plate right now!)

24 09 2011

I don’t take that as freaky at all. My sons have always been my best dates. When they were smaller, I would take each of them out on their individual dates with Mom. We would get dressed up and go out. Sometimes it was just the movies. Other times we would go see Loonie Tunes or Yo Yo Ma at the symphony. I might be biased, but they are going to be great dates for someone someday. 🙂

21 09 2011

Wishing you the best on your securities tests and your upcoming year on your MBA! & of course, waiting to hear about #21. I had been wondering how the workouts with Zach were going! You are a busy young lady. You are a bright spot in my life! hugs, Mom

24 09 2011

My boss has this clock on his office wall. Probably a reply to mine, which is numbered and runs backward.

24 09 2011

Does that mean you’re younger than me now??

2 10 2011
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[…] important today. A few weeks ago, Kat made a comment, “Who needs a boyfriend when you can go wine tasting with your son?” Well, today, after a full day of work with my youngest son I made an […]

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