Man #23, El Jefe, Part 1

12 12 2011

Believe it or not, on one of my trips back to Seattle about a month ago, I managed to take time out from school and work to have a date, two dates as a matter of fact. (Which is why my dear readers will be getting the recap in installments.)

I know! And you thought this dating blog had gone completely sideways, never to right its course.

Man #23 found me on He sent a wink and then an email and thus started our volley of communication. I looked up his profile and discovered that he lived in the Portland area. Normally, I ignore winks and emails sent to me by men from other cities, but I decided that Portland might be close enough to see what this guy was about.

He was going to be in town over the weekend, and wanted to know if I would meet him for coffee.  We had left the actual meeting time up in the air during the day, because I was busy with something I was doing with my kids. I told him I would send him a text message when I was free, and if he could still meet, I’d be open to it.

So, that’s what I did. I quickly received a response that said, “I can meet you in ten minutes.”

Oh shit. What if I wanted to change clothes or at least run a comb through my hair? I quickly changed my clothes, jeans, brown shirt, turquoise and brown necklace and bracelet, earrings, and leapord ballet flats, and I was out the door. I ended up feeling as though I would be late, so imagine my surprise when I arrived at our rendevous point and did not find him there.

We agreed to meet at one of the largest Starbucks stores in Seattle. Big mistake. The place is always completely packed. I walked in and didn’t see anyone looking remotely like my date’s picture. I sent him a text, “Walking into SBUX now. Are you here?”

No answer.

I started to feel self concsious. Since I didn’t receive a response, I started to think that maybe he was there, saw me walk in, and decided he didn’t want to meet me. I decided to play it cool and get in line for a coffee.  I ordered a skinny peppermint mocha, tried to nonchalantly look around while I waited for my order, and then, tried desparately to find an open seat once I had my hot little drink in my hot little hands. I managed to find an open chair where I had a clear shot of the door.

Ten minutes. No answer.

Sipping slowly.

Twenty minutes. No answer. I scrolled back through my text messages to see when he had sent the “I’ll be there in 10 minutes” text.  It had been forty minutes.

I ran out of sips. My drink was gone, and I was well past my fifteen minute threshold for tardiness. I got up, threw my cup away and headed outside. For whatever reason, I decided to send him another text, “Leaving now. Let me know if you still want to meet.”

I had only walked a few stores away and was looking at shoes when he called me. He had gotten lost and had just received my text message from earlier. I let him know that I was in a store about a block away, and if he started to walk in my direction, I would meet him halfway.

I started walking and this time found him. He was about my height, 5′-10″ ish, dark brown eyes, olive skin like I like, and jet black hair so thick it almost stood on end. He explained that he had gotten lost and asked if I was upset. I assured him that I wasn’t upset. (Secretly, I realized that these things don’t upset me much anymore. I just leave. After 22 other dates and 77 more to go, I seem to be taking the “men are like buses” stance on being stood up, knowing that, good or bad, there will be another man along shortly.)

We agreed that the crowded Starbucks setting seemed suboptimal and opted for having a relaxed conversation while strolling slowly past storefronts. It felt very Italian passeggiatta-like.

Like me, he was a little thick around the middle. The time I’ve spent in Eastern Washington has managed to undo all of the hard work I’ve done with my personal trainer, and I feel just as chubby as ever, although arguably stronger. Like me, an injury had hindered Man #23’s ability to work out over the past couple of years. It turned out that before his injury, he had run marathons, and before my injury, I had cheated death on 2nd Avenue by riding my bike to work. A couple of years ago, I took a header on Lake Washington Boulevard, which left me unable to lift or turn my head for over a week, and even after four months in physical therapy, I’ve never been quite the same again.

From blown out calf muscles, his from running, mine from dodgeball, we both suffered occasional plantar fasciitis.

Quite the pair, wouldn’t you say?

In a way, I think I felt I had found a kindred spirit. Both of us had been much thinner before, and could sympathize with the effects that injuries had had on our bodies. We had a good conversation, although at times, it felt as though Man #23 was interviewing me. I wasn’t afraid to call him on it, and he confessed it was probably a side effect of his work. I tried harder to ask him more questions, and discovered enough to know that I wouldn’t mind going out with him a second time…

…And, El Jefe decided to stay in town an extra day to take me out again.




9 responses

12 12 2011
Separated Dad

I’m fairly impressed you met up with him at all. It’s quite amazing that he’d be *that* late and not reach out to you to let you know he was lost/late/deceased…

12 12 2011

I considered that he might be enroute, couldn’t text while driving,…had met his demise in a fireball of twisted metal…I didn’t know. Part of it, also, was that I had not ventured very far before he caught up with me, and the fact that he was willing to chase me down to still meet me.

He was early for our second date. Stay tuned.

13 12 2011
Chicago-Style Girl

This guy sounds pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to hearing how the second date went.

13 12 2011

Stay tuned. There will be an El Jefe, Part 3 too.

15 12 2011

Sounds interesting… Waiting for the next installments.

15 12 2011

Working on it…

16 12 2011
Kat Richter

I agree: I like the sound of this one! It sounds like he redeemed himself (staying and extra day cancels out being late in the first place).

16 12 2011

Definitely. He has some nice qualities that I like.

20 01 2012
El Jefe, Part…Dos « My Dating Prescription

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