Man #24, The Leading Man

4 02 2012

It happens. Every once in a while a friend will get a wild hair up their ass and decide I need help finding a date. In the past, these set ups have never ended well. Some of these dates have left me wondering if my friends know me at all; others have made me wonder what kind of woman my friends think I am; and one date even left me fearing for my life.

Since I’ve started my dating prescription a lot of friends have mentioned that they would like to set me up with one of their friends. However, as soon as the words are out of their mouths they say something along the lines of, “but I want to wait for you to meet him until you’re closer to 100.”

Ok fine.

At the rate I’m going that will be in about 3 more years. (Tomorrow this blog will be one year old.)

Clearly they’re ok with the idea of my prescription as long as it doesn’t involve any of their friends. Basically, nobody wants their friend to be #24.

And then…

…along came one of my friends who, for some odd reason, did not realize that I had this little blog thing going.

I got a call from one of my friends one night a couple of weeks ago. She put her husband on the line, and he asked if I remembered a friend of their’s who I had first met at a New Year’s Eve Party in 2003. At first I wasn’t sure, but with an additional hint it dawned on me to whom he was referring.

“Oh yeah. I remember. I thought he was pretty cool.”

My friend’s husband told me that earlier in the day he had been visiting with the man who will soon become Man #24, and, in his words, “I had a moment of inspiration, thought of you, and just said your name. He remembered you right away.

He proceeded to give me the man’s phone number.

My friend got back on the line, and excitedly said that when her husband returned home and mentioned Man #24 and I in the same sentence, she and her husband started fantasizing about what an amazing match up this could really be. Apparently, we are the two remaining single (or nearly single) people in their network of friends. She said that her husband had studied film and that he has always wanted to produce and direct a movie. She drew a picture for me of how they thought our relationship would unfold. It would be perfect. They speculated that our love story would be so inspiring it could be the subject of her husband’s future movie. It was obvious they were very excited about this.

Ok. Fine. I could use a little romantic comedy in my life.

I agreed to play along, and I told her I would call Man #24 within the next couple of days.

About that time, the Pacific Northwest got hit with four days of snow. On one night when it was particularly windy, I called Man #24. I reached him at his home and we had a really great conversation.

I was fairly certain this would be the case. I had seen and talked to him at a number of parties at my friends’ home. The last time I had seen him was probably in 2006 before I met STBex. We had talked for quite a while on the deck, and I remember having the thought when we parted that he seemed like someone I might want to get to know better. However, when I had looked for him later, he was already gone.

Near the end of our phone conversation, I commented that I needed to go because I had been making ox tail soup all day and it was time to make the dumplings.

He said, “You have power?”

“Yeah. You don’t?”

“No. I’m sitting here with a fire and candlelight.”

“Well, I may have power, but you have ambience,” I said.

We talked a little longer and ended the conversation by setting a time and place to meet for a date…

…and with that, I will leave you until next time with one final note.

After I hung up from talking to Man #24, the potential leading man in my friend’s movie, I called my friend and informed him that his movie would be starting with a cliché, not from a romantic comedy, however, but from a horror film.

“It was a dark and stormy night….”

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5 02 2012

You aren’t alone in your trepidation at hearing the words: “I want you to meet one of my friends”. I can remember very clearly that I was invited to a party. I didn’t want to go. I was nagged and nagged and nagged until just to shut the hostess up, I agreed to go. About 30 minutes into the party I was in the kitchen mashing potatoes at my hostess’ request. Suddenly I hear her singing:

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match

And there she is in the kitchen with her arms around this guy pushing him toward me, and everyone has stopped what they are doing and are watching us intently. I’m sure she was thinking that I was going to drop the potato masher and we would run toward each other in slow motion. I wanted to throw up but it would have ruined the potatoes. He was alternately looking at the front door with a great deal of longing and looking at me with loathing.

At some point in the next 20 years the embarrassment of that night will fade.

I hope your experiences with friends matchmaking will yield happier results.

5 02 2012

OMG, that is horrifying. My experience has not turned out to be that bad. Will share soon.

17 02 2012
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