Happy Valentine’s Day

14 02 2012

I know I promised a post on the game theory of dating, but I suddenly realized that Valentine’s Day had snuck up on me. I suppose as the author of a dating blog that means I am obliged to say something on the subject of dating, love, and Valentines.

Well, I have mixed emotions on this day. I’m not a big fan. I never really was, and now, I have even more reason to dislike this holiday.

You see, I became engaged on Valentine’s Day, and now, that engagement and the marriage that followed are just a withering, sad memory and I am again alone with my dog for Valentine’s Day.

The year STBex and I were dating and Valentine’s Day rolled around I planned this elaborate treasure hunt for him. He is a gamer, and I knew he liked role-playing games, not role-playing games like “you be the doctor and I’ll be the sexy nurse” but role-playing games like Shadowrun. He was new to Seattle, and I spent a fair amount of time diagramming a game sequence that would take him to various Seattle landmarks. At each landmark, he was to check in and either find or receive the next clue. In total, I sent him to about 12 Seattle landmarks in all.

I was quite proud of myself for pulling it off.

The treasure hunt ended at my house, with a meal of filet mignon, arugula salad, and a rich, chocolate cake for dessert.

Only we never really made it to dessert. We were in the middle of our steaks when suddenly I realized that we were talking about getting married.

Well, so much for that.

This year I am alone with Thor. Thor can’t enjoy Cabernet, but we are watching a movie together, and I know he is in it for the long haul.

Dogs seem to understand “’til death do us part.”




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16 02 2012
The Old Heave Ho

I nominated you for a blog award! Yay! You will find the rules here: http://socialworkerangela.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/a-bunch-of-randomness-and-my-first-award-squee/

17 02 2012

Thanks, Heave Ho.

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