Big Fish

2 03 2012

Ok, I know I said I would not be responding to emails sent by men who posed with dead fish in their profile pictures, but I may need to reconsider.




13 responses

3 03 2012
Kathy D

Hell yes!

My stomach is growling . . . 🙂

3 03 2012

I’m not sure which fish I like best.

4 03 2012
Kathy D

Second from the left. 😉

4 03 2012

Yeah, he’s got good abs.

4 03 2012

You definitely should not rule out guys who fish and pose for such great photos.

4 03 2012

Most of the profile photos I’ve seen with men and their fish did not have men in them who would look this good with their clothes off.

6 03 2012
Separated Dad

My guess is people are not asking the right question — they should be asking you where you took this photo!

8 03 2012

Unfortuantely, I took it from a post someone made on Facebook. I haven’t been fishing in a long, long time.

7 03 2012

I’ll keep the trout I have! Enjoyed the view of all these fish though! What fun!

8 03 2012

We can always appreciate the view.

18 03 2012
Billy Barnes

That is just not right!
I may be wrong but it looks like these poor fellows are all out to sea. Don’t know if I would want to walk around naked:o)

7 06 2012

So, apparently catching fish prevents the growth of chest hair or something…. 🙂 Are there no men with body hair catching any fish out there? Seems monotonous to me, but maybe some people like that hairless look.

7 06 2012

Thanks for the observation, Scott. I think hairlessness is a trend. It appears you may not have read my manscaping post. Men are apparently waxing and shaving more than ever.

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