My 30 Minutes of Fame

16 07 2012

Flora M. Brown, PhD.

It has come to pass. I am a dating expert. I go to parties, people find out that I write a dating blog, and I spend the rest of the night talking about dating.

I am also a Wizpert.  You can find the Wizpert button in the sidebar of this blog.

Now, I’m doing Blog Talk Radio interviews.  Dr. Flora M. Brown of Color Your Life Happy interviewed me this morning.  Check out “A Dating Prescription May be Just What the Doctor Ordered.”  I’d love to get your comments and questions, and as usual, feel free to tell me that you think I’m full of shit if the mood strikes you.

Alternatively, this will make a great drinking game.  Get a group of friends together; listen to my radio interview; and drink every time I say the word, “um.”  You should be plastered in no time.


Flora’s photo is here.

Listen to internet radio with Flora M Brown PhD on Blog Talk Radio




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16 07 2012


16 07 2012


16 07 2012

Very interesting interview. I really liked the way the interview flowed so well.

16 07 2012

Thanks. I thought that part worked well too. I guess Flora has been doing this for about four years, so she’s really good at the whole process.

18 07 2012
The Byronic Man

That’s great! Congratulation!

19 07 2012
Elder Baud

Actually, i would add another rule to the drinking game: drink every time you say “I think.” Why would I mention that? Because I’ve read and learned that many people, especially many women, unintentionally weaken the impact of the things that say with qualifiers like “I think”, “Maybe”, “I could be wrong but…”. Don’t apologize. Say what’s on your mind. We all know it’s what you think or you wouldn’t have said it. Rock those interviewers long and strong!

But honestly, great job on the interview. Good first outing of many to come.

19 07 2012

You’re right. When I listen to this interview, I hear things I would normally catch if it was something I was writing, and it makes me cringe at my bad grammar too. “I think” and “I believe” are normally words I edit out of my writing for the very reason you mention. Plus, in a way, to say “I think” is redundant. Of course, I think that; I’m writing it. I will definitely be more conscious of this in the future and try to eliminate it when it pops up.

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