Things That Make You Go Hmmm…Caption Winner

1 08 2012

“Well, as you can see from this photo from last Thursday, I’m single again! I’ve had time to heal and I’m ready to move on – will you be the next lucky lady in my profile pic?”

A couple of weeks ago, I started a new category of posts called Profile Photo Fail. Our inaugural image, seen on the left, was sent to me by friend and reader, Jen. Thanks, Jen.

After considering all of the captions left in the comments section of Things That Make You Go Hmm, I selected Byron’s as the winner of the caption contest. Not only was his caption funny, but it was probably eerily accurate in terms of what the man posting this photo might have been thinking.

Byron is the author of The Byronic Man, and I am a subscriber and frequent reader. I haven’t figured out whether or not he is bi or ironic, but he’s Byronic and he’s funny and you should totally go check out his blog.

If, as you’re cruising the online dating world, you happen upon a funny profile picture, you can send it to me at and, if it makes the cut, I’ll include it in Profile Photo Fail. No penis pictures please. That’s a whole different category.




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