Only Serious Offers Please…

13 08 2012

This is a little off topic today, but as I work with a web designer to move My Dating Prescription from its humble, free platform to a platform where I can sell advertising I have been reading anything that catches my attention on the subject. Typically, this information comes from other bloggers who, through trial and error, have figured out what works and what doesn’t.

The other day, through oDesk, I received an invitation to “interview” for a writing job. It said,

“$1 for 2 – 500 word articles in 2 days with perfect grammar.”

Seriously? They had apparently mistaken me for someone who lives in Haiti. I simply deleted it. Then, they sent it to me again. I deleted it again without responding.

Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess, is my blogging heroine, not to be confused with heroin. Even on my best days, with a slight buzz, I’m not as funny as she is. I always wonder what she’s smoking and where I can get some. After reading her recap of the dialogue that took place between her and an online marketer I feel inspired. The next time someone offers something ridiculous, I might have to have a little fun with them.

Tell me if this post doesn’t make you laugh out load.




5 responses

13 08 2012
Separated Dad

The interaction with the “marketer” was interesting. I’ve always enjoyed negotiating with people like that, although I’m a little less abrasive when doing so!

Regarding the move of your blog, not one thing that I find very useful on the current WordPress platform: I can reply to someone’s comments. On the ‘Blogess’ web-site that’s not possible. I like that you and I, or a group of us that doesn’t necessarily include you, can have some focused and fun follow-up, all sorted and organized. In short, be sure you don’t lose too much as part of gaining certain financial freedom. 🙂

13 08 2012
Separated Dad

“not one thing” instead of “one thing”?? *sigh* I’m seriously going to have to consider proof-reading and not typing with my eyes closed. Oh, and I’ve just proved my point about replying to comments! 🙂

13 08 2012

You did that shit on purpose, didn’t you?

13 08 2012
Chicago-Style Girl

That blog post you liked to is hilarious! If really is better, let me know so I can jump on that bandwagon. I don’t really know what’s the difference from just having your own domain name on…

13 08 2012

I’ll let you know. You’ll know when it happens because the header will change.

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