You Want to Interview Me?

19 08 2012

Online dating sucks, and, yet, I keep doing it. It remains the easiest way for a woman my age to meet men. However, sometimes I just have to shake my head and wonder.  Where do these winners come from?

Actually, this guy said he was from Brooklyn, New York. It is my belief that he is employing a method I like to call “spray and pray.” Basically, he sends out the same email to hundreds of different women and waits to see who bites. This is the email I received from him through OkCupid yesterday, and because it made me laugh, I decided to share it.

“I saw your profile and was captivating and begin to ask my self what an angel in disguise….lol… well for ur information am writing an essay on beautiful things….so u need to interviewed by me……I Must Confess That You Are An Appealing Sight To See….Could I Have The Honor Of Knowing You if you dont mind?? We could get to chat and get to know eachother more better.”

I don’t know. Something tells me he’s not really a writer, but maybe my readers know more better than I. What do you think?




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19 08 2012

This is an obvious scammer. I get these all the time from online dating sites and Facebook. Its probably a middle aged woman sitting in Nigeria or a cyber cafe in Eastern Europe. They’re easy to spot.

19 08 2012
Chicago-Style Girl

I was just about to say this! This totally reads like those scams. It’s like they typed a foreign language into Google translate, and that’s what came out the other end.

19 08 2012

And you always have to wonder when they live somewhere cross-country from you too.

19 08 2012
Allison Peacock (@Allison_Peacock)

This is a scammer sitting in Nigeria or a cyber cafe in Kazakhstan. I get these all the time on dating sites as well as on Facebook. And their close cousins are even taking over Linked In to post link harvesting sites in groups using fake profiles. They’re easy to spot. Here are a few clues:

1) Poor English, punctuation and grammar.
2) Overly old fashioned and flowery language (like they learned English from a decades old dictionary and think American women are all romantic idiots.)
3) Check the profile and you’ll note a large age range meant to appeal to as many people as possible.
4) There will also be most likely no specific or local information on favorites and in the profile, but rather broad-stroked generic references. (i.e. You sure won’t see them talking about your favorite neighborhood or restaurant by name the way locals do.)

Move on. Next!

19 08 2012

Mine was really a rhetorical question. I had no intention of sending a response unless it was just to mess with him and turn it into a blog post.

19 08 2012
Allison Peacock (@Allison_Peacock)

Oops! As you can see my phone to WordPress connection went a little haywire. Sorry for the double postings!

22 08 2012
Separated Dad

I don’t know if it’s a scammer or not, but for darn sure, this is someone who deserves a simple “Block This Numbskull” command.

As you may know, I am generally in favor of women replying to all polite messages when using dating sites. However, if a man is clearly using ‘spray’ techniques and clearly is not someone with whom you could ever fall in love (perhaps they don’t speak the same language you do, but claim there is obviously a shared and very sincere longing for each other), the exception is reasonable and it’s time to move along…

22 08 2012

Does not using proper grammar count as not speaking the same language?

6 02 2013

Dear [insert name here], you are like no woman I have ever met. What I love most is your [specific quality A], which is only surpassed by your [specific quality B]. When I first read your [profile/blog/message/ad/business card/name in the phone book] I knew I had to meet you in [name of hometown].

6 02 2013

I know, I know already. Some people are so literal. Imagine “you want to interview me” said with sarcasm.

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