Serial Dater Pupates to Social Butterfly

11 08 2011

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I haven’t exactly been on a date in quite a while.  For the author of a dating blog, I’ve been sorely lacking in the dating department lately. 

But, never fear!  I have not fallen back into my hermit ways of staying home alone with Thor and sucking down bottles of vino while watching reality TV.

No. No.

There are a few reasons why dating has ended up on the back burner lately.

1. Online dating is NOT fun.  Truthfully, it sucks.  All the men sound and dress the same; I got a little bored; and, I needed a break.

2. There are more important things going on in my family this summer.

But, the single biggest reason for the lack of dating in the past couple of weeks has been…

3. I have become a social butterfly.  Tonight is the first night since last Friday that I have not been out with friends.

Every time I get dressed to go out, Thor thinks he will get to go with me.  He runs to the door excitedly as if I’ve uttered the words “dog park” and sits obediently, waiting for me to snap on his leash. He looks so forlorn when I say instead, “Bye Puppicito. See you later,” and blow him kisses.  You’ve never seen a happy dog go to sad dog so quickly.  It breaks my heart to leave him behind.  I’ve considered taking his training to the next level so he can become a therapy dog and go to bars with me, but these things take time.  Time I don’t have now that I’m a social butterfly. (Since I’m home tonight, he’s lying pressed up against my leg.  He likes to be touching me.)

I was thinking about this transition from hermit to social butterfly the other day. It suddenly occurred to me that just as the summer sun warms a chrysalis and encourages the emergence of our Lepidoptera friends, so too, it has encouraged my emergence on the social scene as of late. It took forever for Seattle’s summer to finally come around, but now that the temperatures have finally risen, I’m getting all manner of invitations.

On Friday night, I went out with five of my girlfriends.  We met at Pnk for drinks before going to see “In the Next Room – The Vibrator Play” at the ACT Theater.  We had never been to Pnk before, but we chose it for its affordable Happy Hour menu and its proximity to the theater.  Let’s just say Pnk’s Happy Hour made us happy, and I realized Pnk is a great place for a first date.  First of all, it’s always dangerous to commit to dinner on a first date, and Pnk’s Happy Hour menu has enough cheap eats to substitute for a real meal.  Second, the Happy Hour prices are extremely attractive, so if you’re short on cash and you end up splitting the check, you’re not out a ton of cash for a date you may or may not be enjoying.  And finally, and most importantly, if during your date the man across from you suddenly makes a comment that indicates he may be a serial killer, a pedophile, or a freaky-deaky sort in any way, Pnk has a bar in the ladies’ lounge.  You can excuse yourself to use the restroom, and stay there until your date has gotten the hint and gone home.  Unfortunately, Pnk does not have multiple exits and it’s on the fourth floor of Pacific Place, so, unless you’re willing to go out onto the balcony and scale down the side of the building Spider Man style, this is probably the best you can do if you need to escape. Still, all in all, it’s a good place…

…and by the way, the vibrator play was hilarious!  It was well-written and well-acted, and even included some male nudity at the very end of the play.  Pretty racy for Victorian times.

On Saturday, I was up in Woodinville helping a friend celebrate her birthday.

Sunday, the boys and I went to stand on I-90 and watch the Blue Angels perform before I went to a picnic with friends from school.

On Monday, an ex-boyfriend of mine (from before I was married) took me to see Seattle Confidential’s “Adventures Abroad”at the ACT Theater. This performance was also very entertaining and interactive.  Local writers submit stories based on the theme for the quarter, and then local actors perform the chosen submissions on stage.  During the performance, I realized that I may not possess the arsenal of adjectives I need to have one of my stories read on stage.  As foul-mouthed as I can be sometimes, the words “limp, indolent penis” are just not something my brain strings together. As audience members we were encouraged to participate in opinion polls during the performance.  I had considered submitting a story about my adventures in bathing at a public sento in Japan where I felt twice the size of the other women, but missed the deadline. 

Now, I don’t know which you might be more interested in, my bathing or the fact that I went out with my ex-boyfriend, but before you start reading anything into this, remember I am under doctor’s orders and recycling old boyfriends is strictly forbidden.  Besides, he is in a long-term, long distance relationship.  I don’t know how he and his girlfriend make long-term, long distance work, but I’ve met her and she seems to be a very patient woman.

Tuesday night, I went with my favorite Luce Bella Photographer to see a certain favorite musician perform. The night before, I had told the ex-boyfriend I was going to go, and he asked me if I was going to be a groupie. I maintained that, no, I am too cool to be a groupie. This musician, who can’t be mentioned, sounded really good, but, for the record, I did not throw my panties on the stage nor did I sleep with any of the band members.

Finally, last night I went to see Vicci Martinez perform at the University Village.  She was awesome.

Tonight, I am home with Thor.  So, you see, the reason I have not been dating is because I have been busy with my friends,…

…and a date with my friends will always trump a first date with a stranger every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Photo here.


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