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29 05 2011
My photos taken by Shari at Luce Bella Photography are ready to be revealed, and I wanted to get reader input on which ones to use on the blog. I think I could find space to use two of the photos here on different pages.  I have headshots too, but for now, I’m still blogging fairly anonymously.  For those who don’t know me, I’ll just have to remain mysterious.

From the top, we have the photo of the Spring Wedge, winner of the shoe poll.   Then the gray jeans, gray boots and silver toenails that I wore for my first date with The Blues Man.  After that is the black and white version of the same gray boots.  The Pink Python Sandal was the runner up in the shoe poll, so I had to take those shoes with me on the day of the photoshoot.

And finally, let’s not forget my favorite co-star in all of this. Last but certainly not least, we have the handsome and mighty Thor.  Isn’t he just awesome??  He got plenty of time in front of the camera too.  Please vote. I can’t decide.

Photo courtesy of Luce Bella Photography

Photo courtesy of Luce Bella Photography


Photo courtesy Luce Bella Photography

Photo courtesy of Luce Bella Photography


Photo courtesy of Luce Bella Photography



What to Wear? What to Wear?

8 05 2011

Thank you to everyone who voted in the shoe poll last week.  I checked the results right before sitting down to write this post, and it looks like there was a tie between The Spring Wedge and The Pink Python Sandal.  Therefore, it’s only right that I take both pairs of shoes to my photo session. 

Photo courtesy of Luce Bella Photography

My photo session with Shari from Luce Bella Photography is tomorrow morning, and I’m both nervous and excited.  I’m pretty sure I know what to wear to my photo session, but I’m in the last-minute preparations of trying everything on and checking everything out in the mirror one last time before tomorrow morning. 

When I was planning what to wear to my photo session, I decided I don’t want to wear anything too formal.  Basically, I want to wear what makes me feel comfortable and what makes me feel like I look good.  I want my profile photos to capture my personality and my style without being too formal.  The important part, of course, is that I want my profile photos to look like me, the woman men will meet when I walk into a date.

The other thing I was thinking when I was considering what to wear to my photo session is that I don’t want my profile photos to become dated too quickly, so I’m opting for mostly solid colored clothes.  To jazz things up I’ll probably add some funky jewelry and try to blend different textures.  I have one multi-colored blouse that I will probably wear with one of the outfits and a suit that I may or may not use.  (I’m also hoping to get a shot or two that would be appropriate for my LinkedIn profile.) 

My legs are so white after the long winter I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll take a skirt.  I know men like skirts, but I’m feeling a little self-conscious about my legs right now.

In a way I want to break the rules a little and that’s why I chose Shari at Luce Bella Photography.  When shopping online for a date, after a while all profiles start to look and sound the same.  (Fellow dating blogger, Zak, wrote an awesome post on techniques to make your profile more interesting. Check it out.)  As Zak, suggests, I’ve tried to write my profile so it tells men things that are unique to me. For example, one of the things I mention is that I tore my calf muscle once playing dodgeball.  I want my photos to be unique in the same way.  Shari is very creative and I can’t wait to see what ideas she comes up with to bring out my personality.

I also went and had a pedicure yesterday, so  my feet are ready for all of the great shoes I’m taking with me.

Ok.  Wish me luck.  I can’t wait to share the results with everyone.

Photo here.

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