Valentine’s Day Cocktails with Art in the Age Craft Spirits

7 02 2015


Stumped for what drink to serve on Valentine’s Day? Look no further.

Originally posted on PrettyGirlsCook by Candice Birdsong:

If you’re looking for something to special to make your Valentine, try these festive cocktails from Art in the Age. Both cocktails are extremely easy but will surely make your Valentine feel the love.

Art in the Age Rhuby Blush
Rhuby Blush

4 parts Raspberry Puree
2 parts RHUBARB Tea

Assemble ingredients in a champagne flute and top with champagne.

 Art in the Age Rhubarb RogueRhubarb Rogue

2 parts RHUBARB
1 part St. Germaine
3 parts grapefruit juice

Assemble all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker glass and shake well with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

*Photos and recipes provided by Art in the Age

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10 Things to Remember When Dating a Taurus (Female Version)

3 02 2015


Huh. This sounds a little like me.

Originally posted on alteringthepieces:

According to the sign, Taurus women are known for many things, but there are a few little points you might want to remember when dating a Taurus. Some of them are probably extremely familiar, but here goes:

  • Stubbornness

Let it be known that women born under the sign of the bull are particularly stubborn. If you find yourself locked in an argument with a Taurus, remember that we are rarely flexible with our points of view, and only liable to broaden our minds after we’ve let ourselves be heard.

  • Independence

They are fiercely independent, whether that means paying our way, enjoying our alone time or being reluctant to ask for help. We like to have a structure to our plans and sometimes find it difficult to include a spontaneous change in our carefully thought out schedules.

  • Jealousy

Yes, we get jealous too. We often possess a little bit of the…

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When straight girls plan a lesbian bache

9 04 2014

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Someday My Dating Prescription will be a

13 11 2013

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